The Swiss Cottage catering offers a wide range of culinary flavors that can only impress your special events! We have a wide selection of appetizers, cold dishes, meat, fish, salads, main dishes, barbecue as well as cocktails, drinks and refreshments.

We take care of everything for you!! With natural ingredients, our traditional and original recipes, all full of imagination and signature of Swiss Cottage!
We cover all your events with full service from our professional staff. We undertake the laying of your buffet, leveling round tables with chairs, umbrellas, tents, covering music, as well as the complete decoration of your event area.

Give us a call and find out the proposals from our chef depending on the type of event you choose.


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Our Catering services can be offered for:

  • Cocktail Parties
  • Dinners (Buffet, seated, silver service, finger buffet)
  • Wedding and Engagements
  • Christening
  • Event Openings
  • Conferences
  • Business Meals and lunches

Swiss Cottage can make your event be unique!

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