At Swiss Cottage, we take immense pride in preserving the rich culinary heritage passed down through generations. We are thrilled to share with you a truly special traditional treat that holds a special place in our hearts – The Loukoumi.

This delectable Loukoumi is not just a wedding dessert; it is a piece of our family history that started in 1948 - The Halepi. The recipe for this sweet delight has been carefully handed down from our beloved grandfather, founder of the famous “Halepi” confectionery, who mastered the art of creating mouthwatering sweets with love and dedication.

Crafted with the finest ingredients and prepared with utmost care, our Loukoumi is a testament to the timeless flavours that have delighted taste buds for decades. Each bite is a nostalgic journey, evoking memories of our families’ weddings, special moments, laughter, and the joy of savouring something truly authentic.

What sets our Loukoumi apart is not just its impeccable taste, but also the story behind it. With every batch we create, we honour our grandfather's legacy and his passion for creating culinary masterpieces that bring people together.

Whether you are indulging in this treat for the first time or relishing in the familiar taste, our Loukoumi promises to transport you to a world of pure bliss. It is a taste that transcends time, connecting generations and celebrating the art of traditional confectionery, Halepi.

Join us in experiencing the magic of our Loukoumi. Indulge in a piece of history, and let the flavours of the past enchant your senses. Order now for your wedding or any other celebration in your life and embark on a journey of taste and tradition that will leave you craving more.

Swiss Cottage - Where heritage meets sweetness.

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